Happy New Year!

1 January 2016 is an extremely important day in history for the employment of all Queensland auxiliary firefighters.

Because from 00:00 on Friday 1 January 2016, all auxiliaries in Queensland are employed under the Auxiliary Firefighters’ Award – State 2016.

This will mean you will start to notice changes quite quickly, not only in the way you capture your time worked, but soon in the amount you are paid, as many allowances and entitlements commence their phasing in on 1 January, with regular increases occurring across 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Many auxiliaries worked with your union over the past 3.5 years to get all of you to this historic day.

Your union benefitted from many members –
• participating in well over 100 station meetings across all QFES regions where members (and non-members) participated in discussions regarding the award content with industrial officers of UFUQ,

• participating in QIRC matters relating to the award,
• providing feedback on drafts down the past few years

And now the award is about to commence and I take this opportunity, on behalf of all Queensland auxiliaries, to thank all those who helped achieve this important win for each and every one of you, not just UFUQ members.

The continuing efforts of your union always benefit all auxiliaries in Queensland, not just members of UFUQ, and that will never change.  Your union is doing everything it can to always work towards obtaining, maintaining and improving your terms and conditions of employment, your health and safety and so much more.

Stay tuned as in 2016 your union will start to work with auxiliaries across the state on other matters important to all of you.

Award implementation information sessions

Representatives of your union, along with representatives of QFES will be running a series of information sessions across Queensland in January.

At this stage the schedule is –
13 January 1800 to 2000hrs – Ripley Fire and Rescue Station
14 January 1300 to 1500hrs – Brisbane (venue TBC)
14 January 1800 to 2000hrs – Toowoomba RHQ
20 January 1600 to 1800hrs – Maryborough (venue TBC)
21 January 1800 to 2000hrs – Rockhampton RHQ
27 January 1800 to 2000hrs – Townsville RHQ
28 January 1800 to 2000hrs – Cairns RHQ
Note that venues and times are subject to change and that more sessions may be added.

Many of the sessions will include the option to have a video and/or phone hook-up with other interested auxiliaries / stations.

If you are interested in attending and available to attend, or would like to link in with a session remotely, contact your QFES representative for more information.

Note that these sessions are being co-ordinated and organised by QFES, so contact your regional HQ if you have questions.

The UFUQ representative present at each session will have membership information and applications forms at every session.

The sessions are open to any auxiliary who wants to, and can, attend.

Photo Competition

All captains ought to have received a UFUQ poster celebrating the commencement of the award, a poster was mailed to every auxiliary station in Queensland.

Along with the poster sent to every station was information on the photo competition UFUQ is running.

Send us a snap of your crew standing with the poster to be in the running for a new UFUQ merchandise kit to be sent to all members at your station.

For more information on the competition, contact the UFUQ state office from Tuesday 5 January 2016.

All the competition details are in the package you received at your station.


Along with the commencement of the award for auxiliaries, there is more exciting news coming from UFUQ for auxiliary members in 2016.

Now that the award is in place, your union can focus on other topics important to members, such as uniforms and PPE, training, taxation and superannuation and so much more.

Now is the time to join with your fellow auxiliaries and become a member of the UFUQ, the only union working with and for all auxiliary firefighters.

Contact the UFUQ office for more information on joining.