AUXILIARY UPDATE : 01 june 2017

Retention allowance dispute - UPDATE

On Monday I informed you that the dispute regarding the payment of the retention allowance had been resolved by the Industrial Relations Commission in favour of your union.

We have received confirmation from Deputy Commissioner Mark Roche that any auxiliary firefighters who believe that they attended at least 75% of scheduled weekly training last year, and who haven’t been paid the retention allowance, will be paid the allowance.

QFES has nominated Ms Donna Lawrence of the PSBA to be the contact person for anyone who thinks they may be entitled to the allowance. If you contact her using the email below, she will investigate your claim.

If it can be substantiated that you attended 75% of drill nights that were held at your station last year, and you have not yet received the $350 retention allowance, you will be paid the allowance by QFES.

We reiterate that the retention allowance from here on out will be based on attendance at training, and will have nothing to do with how many core skills training modules you complete.

Donna Lawrence: [email protected]

Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD