CODE 2, VOL 33, NO 21 : 25 November 2019



I have written to Premier Palaszczuk asking for a meeting to happen as soon as possible to discuss the experiences of UFUQ members during the current fire emergencies across the state.

It is clear that QFES cannot manage safe and full crewing with the current FTE of professional firefighters and that more must be recruited immediately on top of the existing numbers.

You can read the letter I wrote to the Premier here.

You will recall that your union asked for a fully funded increase prior to the last state election and the Premier provided funding for 100 additional firefighters and 12 additional fire communication officers.  These increases have already been shown to be insufficient.

The days of QFES crewing a new station by closing an old one MUST end, and from now on, more professional firefighters MUST be recruited to handle the rapidly growing need. The balance between front line professional firefighter numbers and non-operational QFES employee numbers must be reset. 

It’s time for change.  And your union is going to drive that change. More permanently crewed stations with new appliances, and many more professional firefighters are desperately needed and it is time for a further funding commitment.

I will keep you informed as the discussions with the Premier and the state government occur.

John Oliver - General Secretary



Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD