CODE 2, VOL 34, NO 12 : 25 march 2020

Aurion payroll errors and inconsistencies

It has been around a month since QFES transitioned its entire staff onto the Aurion payroll system.

Your union is well aware of the myriad of errors that have been made during this time, including incorrect deduction of leave, a huge underpayment of auxiliary firefighters, a seven-figure overpayment to one member, and several errors in the recording of your pay and entitlements.

It has become clear to your union that QFES’s commissioned payroll system was designed for a workforce that predominately works Monday to Friday, and who spend most of their workday in front of a computer. 

Many of the issues we are now trying to address stem from this apparent attempt to force QFES’s operational, shift-working, emergency response workforce into an ill-fitting payroll system, designed for the day working, desk bound, public service.

We have been able to resolve most of these issues without having to resort to formal processes, but there are several still outstanding.

On February 28, UFUQ’s state office met with QFES and QSS and we presented to them a range of concerns we have with the Aurion system, namely:

1. Incorrect recording of leave entitlements on pay slips,
2. Incorrect recording of leave entitlements on self-service,
3. Prematurely deducting leave (at the point of approval not at the point of use).

We have not seen any movement from QFES or QSS on these matters, and we accept that progress will likely be delayed due to the current prioritisation of issues relating to Covid19.

Correspondence was sent to DC Roche on 24 March 2020 formally notifying QFES of our concerns and requesting the formation of a working group (with UFUQ representation) to resolve the issues.

You can read the correspondence here

We are also aware that there have been a higher number of pay issues (underpayments and overpayments) than normal occurring in the early weeks of Aurion, and we urge all members to check your fortnightly payslips carefully to ensure your pay is being calculated correctly.

If you identify inconsistencies or errors, contact Callum MacSween on (3635 3663).

John Oliver - General Secretary


Authorised by John Oliver General Secretary 
United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees QLD