CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 9 : 03 MARCH 2016

PSBA & QFES Structure

You will recall that on 17 February I reported to you that your union welcomed the report arising from the review of the PSBA.

On 26 February, in her Commissioners Update, Commissioner Carroll reported that the return of PSBA functions to QFES was an opportunity to ‘look at the structure of QFES’, to ensure it remains ‘modern, efficient and inclusive’.

I immediately wrote to the Commissioner stating that if any changes were to be made that affect you that your union ought to be properly consulted.

The Commissioner responded and has given the assurance to your union that if her review of the QFES structure, in any way means any change for you, your union will be properly consulted.

The Commissioner has asked to meet with me and Chief Strategy Officer (Capability and Performance) Doug Smith as soon as possible.

I will keep you informed as this review progresses.



The QFES uniform committee is meeting on Wednesday 16 March 2016. 

We need URGENT feedback by Monday 14 March 2016! 

Your union is seeking URGENT feedback on the following –
• Colour,
• Form, fit and suitability for roles and body shapes,
• Function,
• Quality (in particular comments on stitching, embroidery, printing),
• Sizing options,
• Feedback on current uniform options, and
• Ideas for new uniform options (such as cargo pants, polo shirts, tactical belts etc).

Please note: Your union is not seeking any feedback on current supply issues, missing items, delays etc, as these matters, whilst very valid, are already well documented.

Send your feedback to [email protected] and it will be collated into a report to the committee by your union. 

You can also contact your branch and SCM representatives if you have feedback, they can collate your comments and forward them to your union.

Your union has again had representatives appointed to the QFES uniform committee, you will recall your union was excluded from many committees by QFES under the previous term of the state government. 


John Oliver - State Secretary