CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 45 : 02 december 2016

WorkCover – time from which compensation is payable and time for applying

Recently, your union has had a significant amount of contact from members with questions about the date from which workers’ compensation entitlements commence once a claim has been accepted by WorkCover (i.e. when WorkCover will start covering your wages).

I wish to advise all members of the following as prescribed by the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) –

• Compensation entitlements commence on the day you are assessed by a doctor, a nurse practitioner (if the injury is a minor injury) or a dentist (if the injury is an oral injury).

• If the doctor, nurse practitioner or dentist assesses your injury on the day you stop work because of the injury - you are covered from the next day.

• If the doctor, nurse practitioner or dentist assesses your injury on any day after you stop work because of the injury – you are covered from the day the doctor, nurse practitioner or dentist assesses your injury.

Simply put, WorkCover is not obligated to accept back dated medical certificates and your workers’ compensation entitlements are only payable from the date of your first consultation with the doctor.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all members that the Act prescribes a ‘time for applying’ of 6 months.

A claim lodged 6 months after you have sustained an injury at work is at risk of being rejected on the grounds of being ‘out of time’. To avoid your claim being considered by WorkCover as ‘out of time’ you should lodge it as soon as possible.

Should you seek advice, assistance or advocacy from the UFUQ with any workers’ compensation matter please contact the union office.

Eureka Stockade Anniversary 3rd December

The 3rd of December is the anniversary of the attack by government troops on the 'Diggers' at the Eureka Stockade in 1854.

The government attacks were the result of Ballarat miners’ rebellion against government oppression and unfair treatment at the time.

The miners created the now iconic Eureka Southern Cross flag and swore an oath:

'We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.'

The historic events at Eureka stockade have been adopted by various groups over the years, as signifying amongst other things, the birth of our democracy, the independent Aussie spirit and our willingness to fight for our rights.

The message in the oath to stand by each other to defend our rights is one that has always been important to us.

We will never stop standing by each other and we will work as hard as we can to defend our hard fought and hard won employment terms and conditions.

UFUQ Hotspot App

Just a reminder to all members that you can access the UFUQ Hotspot.

Benefits in the App contains information such as;

• UFUQ shift calendar that can be integrated with your personal calendar (add in your sick/long service or holiday leave, overtime, training, shift swaps and exposures)

• UFUQ News (all newsletters accessible through the App)

• UFUQ video library will contain UFUQ TV ads, YouTube clips & media interviews)

• Instant messages and updates to members (UFUQ can notify members of industrial decisions, station visits and issues happening across the State)

• UFUQ event calendar (invitations from UFUQ to rallies, campaign events and general events across QLD)

• Change of details (update your details directly into the App)

• Exposure notification (you can notify the UFUQ directly of any exposure or injury you have sustained, which will then be placed on your member records.

IPhone users

Your UFUQ IPhone app has had some minor upgrades made recently and you will need to do an update on your phone for these upgrades to take place.

• Click on the icon for the App Store

• Click on the search button and type in UFUQ Hotspot

• Click on the UFUQ Hotspot icon

• Click on the blue update button on the right hand side of the screen

Android users

Please be advised that the Android App is available for upload. Please follow the below instructions to access the UFUQ App.

• Go to your App store icon on your Android phone and type in the search menu “UFUQ  hotspot”.

• Download this App to your phone

• Enter your username (badge number) and password (first and last name with no spaces).

Please be advised that to use this app, you must supply your union with a personal email address, if you have not already done so.

Update your details

If you have changed your address or any of your contact details, including station, rank, bank account details or personal email address, please forward your changes to [email protected], update on our website here or contact your union office directly on 1800 816 589.

Please be aware that pay office do not provide us with any of your changed details.