CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 27 : 24 June 2016

Important update for all members on the QFES plan for Firecom locations

Breaking News:

Following action by your union, we can confirm to you that we have undertakings from Deputy Commissioner and Chief Strategy officer Mr Doug Smith –

No Firecom locations are closing!

No FCO staff cuts will occur!

And that the Deputy Commissioner seeks to work with the UFUQ to ensure the best possible plan is developed and implemented.

This change towards a consultative approach is refreshing, considering the circumstances of Tuesday 21 June 2016, when a plan was released that raised considerable concern amongst FCO members about their futures.

The meeting that was to occur between the UFUQ and the QFES on 24 June 2016 was postponed by the UFUQ.

The postponement occurred to allow your union to hold meetings with members at the four communications locations affected directly by the plan developed without consultation with you or your union.

We will now consult with the Deputy Commissioner and other senior QFES management about how they intend to manage the future for the plan and consultation with your union from this point forward.

We will also seek to identify if any other plans are in the process of being developed which will affect our fire communication officer, or firefighter, members without the knowledge or involvement of your union or the state government.

The UFUQ has informed the state government of the circumstances within QFES that allow secretive plans to be comprehensively developed with neither your union, nor the state government being aware or consulted about such plans.

Text message updates will be sent to FCO members on Monday morning about the meetings we will hold at Kedron, Southport, Toowoomba and Kawana early next week.

Until this process has been fully followed through by your union, and we have reported the outcomes to you, you are right to be concerned for the roles FCO’s will play in the future.

We will raise many significant issues with QFES including –
• Security of employment
• Conversion of contract FCO’s to permanent positions
• Appointment to level of acting FCO’s
• The overuse of casuals and misuse of part-time FCO’s

Only your union is working to protect and improve your working conditions.

I hope to meet with many of you early next week, keep and I will publish a further Code 2 after the above actions have occurred.


John Oliver - State Secretary