CODE 2, VOL 30, NO 12 : 22 march 2016

Easter Public Holidays

I wish to advise that the Public Holiday dates for Easter this year are as follows –

Good Friday                                                               25 March 2016
The day after Good Friday (Easter Saturday)            26 March 2016
Easter Monday                                                           28 March 2016

Please be aware that the public holiday provisions and arrangements relevant to your work situation and roster will apply for each of these days.

Much like over the Christmas and New Year period, there is the possibility that errors may be made by QFES and/or Queensland Shared Services (QSS) in regards to your wages.

Once again, your union has made contact with QFES with a reminder regarding the public holiday dates, prescribed in both the Award and the Holidays Act 1983, to minimise this possibility.

However, if an error is made, in the first instance, please ensure you raise the issue with your regional HR contact as soon as possible.

On behalf of the UFUQ, I wish you and your family a Happy and Safe Easter.

Upcoming Union Surveys

Please be advised that over the coming weeks and months, your union will be in contact with you regarding your participation in various union related surveys.

These surveys will relate to matters that affect your day to day work. I encourage you to take the opportunity to share your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

In order to participate in these surveys, you will require your union badge number.

Should you be unaware of your badge number, it can easily be obtained by making contact with the UFUQ on the toll free number, 1800 816 589 or via email at [email protected].

John Oliver - State Secretary