CODE 2, VOL 29, NO 49 : 11 December 2015

Comments about PSBA by new minister

I have communicated to you that we previously made a submission to the PSBA Review.  That review is ongoing and we await the outcome.

On Tuesday 8 December 2015, in a media interview regarding his commencement in the role, new Minister for Fire and Rescue, Mr Bill Byrne stated, (in reference to the PSBA being established by the Newman government in a move to privatise some services) –

“I was always rather quizzical I suppose about the PSBA.

That has evolved while I have been doing other things and I would be very keen to see what the substance of the PSBA is and just what pieces of that are effective and those that require some form of adjustment.

So over the next week or so I intend to appraise myself very intimately about the value and merits of the PSBA.

I come at it from a philosophical view of having substantive reservations about outsourcing for the sake of it.”

I have already had the opportunity to speak with the new minister and the PSBA and many other matters were covered in a very positive meeting.

I am sure you agree with me when I say I see these public comments about the PSBA from our new minister as positive ones.  I will keep you informed.

End of year mail out coming - Update your details

Your union will be sending the regular end of year mail out before Christmas.  If you have changed your address or any of your contact details, including station, rank, bank account details or personal email address, please forward your changes to [email protected], update on our website here or contact your union office directly on 1800 816 589.

Please be aware that pay office do not provide us with any of your changed details.

Crewing abnormalities - Send reports to UFUQ

Your union now has an online crewing form available for members to complete, that will automatically be submitted to your union. Please click here to access the form.

Please complete this form when you are running 1+2, if your station is closed, if an appliance was dropped off the run or if temps are being used at your station.

Election vacancies 

The union has written to the Fair Work Commission to request elections be held again for the below vacancies.  Your union is waiting on the Australian Electoral Commission to provide dates which will be early in the New Year.

Vacancies are, South West Region Officer Delegate, Brisbane North Region Officer Delegate, Brisbane North Region Firefighter delegate x 2, Communications officer and Auxiliary South delegate.

Hotspot App

The UFUQ App is now available for upload and can be accessed through the App store for free. Your union App provides members with additional information and improved communication.

The App contains information such as;

• UFUQ shift calendar that can be integrated with your personal calendar (add in your sick/long service or holiday leave, overtime, training, shift swaps and exposures)

• UFUQ News (all newsletters accessible through the App)
• UFUQ video library will contain UFUQ TV ads, YouTube clips & media interviews)
• Instant messages and updates to members (UFUQ can notify members of industrial decisions, station visits and issues happening across the State)
• UFUQ event calendar (invitations from UFUQ to rallies, campaign events and general events across QLD)
• Change of details (update your details directly into the App)
• Exposure notification (you can notify the UFUQ directly of any exposure or injury you have sustained, which will then be placed on your member records.

Please follow the below instructions to access the UFUQ App.

• Go to your App store icon on your IPhone or Android and type in the search menu “UFUQ hotspot”.
• Download this App to your phone
Enter your username (badge number) and password (first and last name with no spaces).

John Oliver - State Secretary