CODE 2, VOL 29, NO 44 : 30 november 2015

Industrial Officer Paula Newman departing after 20 years’ service to UFUQ.

On Friday 4 December 2015, Industrial Officer Ms Paula Newman is leaving the UFUQ following almost 20 years’ service to the branch.

Ms Newman (Paula) commenced in early 1996 under then State Secretary Kevin Brazel and since then she has worked for the branch under State Secretaries Brazel, Walker, Hawkins & Oliver.

Paula commenced with the branch as the Office Manager and moved into the Industrial Officer role in 2001.

Many members, both firefighters and communications officers, past and present will have spoken to and met with Paula at some point over the past 20 years.

Paula has worked with many of you, assisting with a myriad of different matters, and has had some considerable success in matters such as work cover reviews and disciplinary matters for members.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all members of the UFUQ, past and present to thank Paula for her service to the members of the branch and to wish her well in her future.

Queensland government announces new leave entitlement for all government employees.

On Wednesday 25 November 2015, Queensland Premier Palaszczuk announced that all Queensland government agencies (including QFES) would have a comprehensive policy outlining how to support employees affected by domestic and family violence.

The Premier announced that (QFES) employees would have access to 10 days paid leave in relation to domestic and family violence.

We have received the draft policy from QFES and will continue to keep you updated on this important matter and applaud both the current state government and the QFES for recognising and providing a solution to this significant issue.

John Oliver - State Secretary